Arduino Driver Silent Install

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There is no lightweight install for the Arduino driver provided on their website, so here is a quick guide on how to do a bare bones silent install on Windows. This is useful for efficient deployment of the driver to a number of devices interacting with Arduino hardware.

# Full Instructions

  1. Start by downloading the latest Arduino driver and IDE.

  2. Inside the zip there is a 'Drivers' folder, this is where the relevant files are. Copy and arduino.inf into another folder.

  3. Go back one folder level and also copy dpinst-amd64.exe or the 'x86' version, depending on your operating system (64bit / 32bit), into the same folder as the other two files.

  4. You should now have three relevant files. These are all you need for the driver to work.

  5. Extract the certificate from the .cat file. Right-click and go to properties > Digital Signature > click 'Arduino LLC' > click 'Details' button. A new window will pop-up. Go to General > click 'View Certificate' > Details tab > click 'Copy to File'. Click 'next' through the copy wizard and save into the same folder as the other files. In the script below the certificate is saved named 'arduino_driver.cer'.

  6. Now, all that's left is creating the script to silently install the driver. This script is looking for the files in a folder named 'ArduinoDrivers'.

1@echo off
2certutil -addstore "TrustedPublisher" "%~dp0ArduinoDrivers\arduino_driver.cer"
3"%~dp0ArduinoDrivers\dpinst-amd64.exe" /S

That's it! Double click the bat and it will install the Arduino certificate, followed by the driver. If more of the drivers included in the zip are required, experimentation will be needed for them to function successfully as part of the script.

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